An Truthful Pre-Workout Complement Overview: Platinum PRE (7/10)

To be a common user of preworkout with stevia supplements, I really like attempting out new products each time to maintain the encounter feeling fresh and new. Assortment is actually the spice of life, especially when it involves pre-workout supplements. In case you make use of the very same one, for a long period of time of your time, you can expect to start to notice the consequences start out to diminish due to the fact your system starts off obtaining accustomed to that specific components. Then you definitely know it is time to alter it up.

My newest pre-workout dietary supplement of selection, was Optimum Nourishment: Platinum PRE. I will say “Pre,” for short during this evaluate. Pre’s tag line was “Redefining Pre-Workout” which intrigued me like a extended time consumer, and right after seeking about the ingredients I believed I’d give it a shot. The principle goal of this supplement was to increase power, concentrate, and stamina.

After utilizing Pre with the last 7 days now, I have some excellent information and bad. I unquestionably felt a rise in my energy and target levels as promised. And perhaps along with the 200mg of caffeine per scoop, it didn’t make me truly feel jittery which can be a bonus. My stamina was also significantly enhanced, and i failed to knowledge a huge crash right after every workout as some dietary supplements create. The problem lay primarily in two places; the taste/mixability plus the amount of money of Creatine (or absence there of).


• Enhanced Electrical power

• Improved Focus

• Endurance noticeably improved

• Very good hydration


• Lousy mixability

• Bad mixability, introduced flavor down

• 0 grams of Creatine

I arrived at 7/10 for Platinum Pre mainly because whilst the consequences on the dietary supplement were seriously superior, and it done as promised; the poor mixing in the powder, also produced the flavor really uncomfortable. I’d the Superfruit taste, and whilst the taste was acutally actually great like a “fruit punch”, there was a fantastic volume of white powder for the base that may not blend in- regardless how considerably drinking water I additional. This manufactured a slight “chemical burn” during the style. The ideal I’m able to describe is one area like obtaining salt and pepper within your mouth on the same time- along aspect the fruit punch. Not really enjoyable.

An additional issue that brings down the score, will be the deficiency of Creatine. When this isn’t an enormous challenge; many other pre-workout supplements in just the comparable value assortment do have Creatine, some even in whole medical doses (3-5grams).

Ultimately, Platinum PRE remains a fantastic alternative of pre-workout. Simply put; mainly because it works, and performs properly. If you are amongst those individuals who chug down their pre-workout inside a make a difference of seconds, then this a superb decision for you. However, if you happen to be more like me, and enjoy sipping it down about the method to the health and fitness center, then you really may well choose to test a thing else. I’ve recently finished a tub of C4 Extraordinary which I really enjoyed, both equally in style and results.

Platinum Pre could also be a wonderful preference for someone who’s already supplementing with Creatine separately, and does not require anymore from their pre-workout. Or, for someone searching to stop Creatine altogether. Just hold that mixing challenge I mentioned above in your mind. Thanks for studying, and the most effective of luck in picking your upcoming pre-workout dietary supplement!